Hair Care Tips for Styling and Growing Your Natural Crown

Natural Hair Care for Black Women is probably one of  the most intricate subjects to cover when talking about hair care due to its many different variables that play a big part in creating your own hair care routine. For me I struggled to understand my own Natural Hair Care journey which led me to completely avoid it all together by covering my hair with weaves, braids, wigs, etc until now. Once I  started to rediscover myself and truly come into my identity as a Woman I realized I could not do that fully without acknowledging the other part of me. When I learned my hair I learned more about myself  that I began to see myself in the unique way God created me and a new confidence started to build inside of me. Because for once i did not feel the need to hide a part of me to feel beautiful. It was only right after I discovered this new way of seeing myself and my hair that I wanted to care for my hair more and of course there were things I wanted to see in my hair such as length retention with continuous hair growth and healthy hydrated strands that were  free of split ends and heat damage. After establishing these hair goals for myself I developed my own routine which I will share with you to help you on your Natural Hair care journey. I will also include a few questions asked from attendees at our most recent event where we discussed hair care the importance and the importance of it. 

Natural Coily/ Curly Hair Care Tips 

  • Use a clarifying shampoo every 3-4 weeks or as needed  for hair to be cleansed to combat the accumulation of oils and perspiration. 
  • Use moisturizing conditioner to add moisture to strands and rinse with cool water to seal moisture in cuticle after shampoo. 
  • Co Wash Hair weekly to hydrate hair and restore moisture. 
  • Opt for deep condition or protein treatments after every protective style. The treatment you choose will be based on the needs of your hair. 
  • Avoid using hot water to rinse hair because it strips off the natural sebum from your scalp and hair. It can also open up the cuticle  making  the hair strands prone to frizz and breakage.
  • Detangle  with a wide tooth comb or wet brush. Start detangling hair  from ends and work your way up the roots. 
  • Spritz hair with water and oil mixture daily  to keep hair hydrated and nourished. 
  • Always protect hair at night by twisting  down curls or tying hair up with silk bonnet or scarf to prevent breakage.
  • Allow your hair to get  natural sunlight since  natural elements help your hair to grow! 
  • Wear protective styles in moderation to preserve length or protect hair of harsh elements such as cold environments during the winter months. 

Event Questions / FAQ

  • “My hair is long, but looks see-through and stringy. What can I do to make my hair look fuller?”
  • This question has many different variables that could affect the answer. You would want to first consider these options below to determine the best approach.

    Hair Density: 

    Density is the number of individual hair strands on 1 square inch of the scalp. It is usually described as thin, medium, or thick . By first determining what your hair density is you can determine what style best suits your hair. For instance if your hair is naturally thin choosing a Blunt Cut that will give your hair one length adds weight and gives a look of fullness. 

    Hair Health

    What is the current health of your hair? This may require you to schedule an appointment with a Professional Licensed  Cosmetologist to do a hair and scalp analysis. During this analysis the Cosmetologist will check for split ends, damaged follicles due to excessive tension or chemical treatment to hair. Determining your current hair health will help you to begin to tend to the needs of your hair to revitalize hair and reach your hair goals. 


    Last, but not least this is an important factor to consider because certain styles done improperly, worn excessively, or poorly cared for can cause long term damage to your hair.Styling does ultimately impact your hair health due to the factors mentioned above.  To be specific if excessive tension is placed on the hair follicle this can result in thinning or hair loss. As a result ponytail extensions, braids, wigs, etc when not done correctly or given a proper break in between  being worn can cause long term damage causing hair to look thin. 

    PS: Slicking your natural hair back into a ponytail everyday is not good either. 

  • “Why do certain products leave my hair flaky when doing a wash-and-go or twist out?”

  • Product Combination

    Just as oil and water do not mix, not all products mix together. Because of the ingredients used to formulate certain products this plays a huge part in your product choice. Knowing your hair porosity can help you in your product choice selection as well as using the loc or lco method when styling your hair. 


     Porosity refers to how much your hair is able to absorb moisture from either water or hair products. Knowing your hair porosity is important to make sure you are choosing the right products. To be specific, if you have  low porosity and you use heavy products such as creams or butters they may sit on the outer layer of the hair because your hair cannot absorb it into the strands. The more product left on your hair and reapplied when styling can lead to product build up and cause flaking. 

    Product Build up: 

    To avoid product build up It's always best to start with a clean foundation when attempting to do a wash and go or a twist out. Also making sure you use the correct product for your hair based on hair texture, density, and porosity. 

    • “Why is my Curl pattern nearly gone after bleaching my hair and what can I do?” 

    This can happen when improperly lightening your hair by using too strong of a developer or leaving lightener on for longer than recommended time. If either of these were to happen the hair’s  internal structure can be damaged by broken bonds which can loosen curl pattern or in severe cases causes hair to become brittle and fall out .If your curl pattern is gone as a result of a lightening service its best to keep hair hydrated by moisturizing , performing deep condition treatments, bond building treatments such as Olaplex which is my favorite product to use after a lightning session, and most important consult with a professional licensed cosmetologist to discuss a plan to restore your hair health. 

    • “Why do my Wash and Go’s  not last for more than an hour after leaving the house?” 

      This is a loaded question because there is a lot that plays a part in this from product use, knowing your hair porosity, texture, weather etc. However, what is important to note is that you must learn your hair. Wash and go’s are a trial and error process until you take time to understand your hair and understand what products it needs to do what you want it to do and be realistic about what you must do to achieve a certain look you will not get this process. Its different for everyone because you have to understand when your hair is in a wet state its  stretches and curls are defined so just adding some oil or mousse to your hair when you have coily high porosity hair and going outside is not going to work. You may need to do a twist out,bantu knots the night before to achieve your curly look you would like. 

      • “What can I do to make my hair grow?” 

      I saved the best question for last, I love this question because it is what I hear all the time. The answer is you have to take care of your hair. Nothing grows unless you dedicate time to it. And when I say grow I mean healthy growth. Your hair is like a plant. It needs sunlight, moisture, and to interact with the environment. The important thing to remember is that our scalp is alive just like we are and we can not grow always being tucked away, dehydrated, or without self care. So it's important to take care of your hair as you do yourself. There are alot of growth oils on the market that can be used to stimulate growth  and for those who have hair / scalp disorders there are medical treatments to stimulate growth. However if you have an opportunity now to begin to take care of your hair, embrace your natural. Yes you can wear your different styles every now and again but make sure home is straight first sis!.

      Enjoy your Natural Hair Journey and Love Yours! 

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