How To Maintain Your Mane Between Installs

Hey Lovely's!

So in this Blog you are going to find a number of tips that I learned the hard way about the importance of wearing extensions the correct way which includes maintenance. 


That Disclaimer was one of the tips I wish someone told me when I first started wearing extensions. When I started out wearing hair extensions I was about 18 and going to prom then soon after that it was over I never wanted to be without it. Even though my natural hair was always full and long it was something about having a weave  and not having to deal with my hair for weeks at a time. But what I didn't know was that if I wasn't going to invest the time in to take care of my hair on my own as well as my hair I should have been going to see a stylist in between. So instead of me going to a licensed stylist I would shampoo and condition my own hair after removing my extensions and go to someone to install my sew in which they never took the time to trim, provide treatments, or just educate me on my hair needs. Also  at the time I didn't care enough to ask as  I was a full time college student working 2 jobs  and just wanted to look presentable and of course cute when I went out. As I continued to wear these installs I noticed My hair had broken off from split ends, my hair line begin to look thinner, and my hair was DRY HONEY DRY NO BODY NO NATURAL SHEEN Nothing and that's because my hair begin to lack the nutrients it needed to produce in its natural state. 

Overall the lesson here is to make sure if you are not going to take care of your hair have a licensed professional to help. If you decide to do your own maintenance just always remember these things:

After every install you should: 

  • Use clarifying shampoo after every install to remove build-up
  • Trim ends if it has been at least 6 -8 weeks 
  • Deep Condition after every install
  • Recommend wearing your natural hair out every 4 months for a week or two 

Use the between time  to try out natural styles or blow outs that will take tension off the scalp allowing your hair to be free, lustrous and maybe even long term damage caused by traction alopecia. 


Something Else I love doing in between my install is indulging and the many hair care lines that products smell ever so good providing all that healthy goodness for your hair. Some of my favorite product lines and products is:

  • Mane Choice 24kt Gold Twisting Gel 
  • Mielle Pomegranate & Honey Curl Refreshing Spray 
  • Shea Moisture Honey Hydration line
  • Love Yours Growth Oil of course! 

Hope these tips help you out on your hair journey. If you have additional tips you would like to share feel free to below because we all just want healthy hair! 


Thank Lovely's