Beauty Budget Tips!

Have you been neglecting to  prioritize yourself  lately because of inflation? With the cost of living and interest rates rising, Wants versus Needs is something that is strongly considered when purchasing items. Sometimes your self care can take a hit with other competing priorities. Continue to read below for Beauty Budget tips that can help you navigate this changing economy when it comes to Finance and Beauty. 

Weekly Installment Plans

Weekly Installment Plans such as, Afterpay, Klarna, and Shop offer convenient payment plans to provide consumers the flexibility of getting their products and services from select retailers same day while paying over a 4 week time period. Being able to break down your monthly self care cost over a 4 week time  span allows you to allocate your funds to other needs while still prioritizing yourself. My suggestion is to invest in quality products that can be used over a longer period of time to get the best value for your money. Lovelylaced Hair and Beauty pride ourselves on being able to offer quality products and flexibility of payments. So whether shopping with us online or in person, take advantage of our flexible payment options today!  

Set A Budget For Your Beauty Needs 

Working with a financial consultant can help organize all of your finances to meet your needs and goals. A financial  consultant is someone who advises individuals on a range of financial services and decisions, including budgeting, saving for big purchases, etc. Taking an approach that considers your expenses as well as income would best help you to establish how to incorporate self care in your monthly budget. For specific ways to save on self care, personal finance consultant Kathy Evans has some tips for you!  Head over to or email

Licensed Professional, Know What you Need

A major part of self care practices is knowing exactly what you need to achieve the results you want. Oftentimes we overspend on items that do not produce the look we want. Remember cosmetic products are not one size fit all so what may work for one person may not work for the next. Set aside funds to have a consultation with Licensed Professionals such as Cosmetologist, Dermatologist, Trichologist, etc. to assess your personal needs so you can know what works best for you. 

Nature and Health 


Remember Beauty starts from the inside out. So taking care of yourself by focusing on your health can help enhance your own natural beauty without the need of many cosmetic items. Simple steps such as physical activity from working out, proper diet, drinking lots of water, interacting with the Earth and its natural elements will help improve your hair, skin and nails. Starting early and taking these simple steps will not only enhance but increase the longevity of the health and overall being. These are just some of my favorite ways to save money on beauty. Enjoy!

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