10 Tips To Prevent Split Ends

Below is a list of my personal recommendations as a Licensed Cosmetologist for ways to prevent split ends. Let's start off with explaining what "split ends" means. Split ends happens when your  hair becomes brittle and dry to the point that it splits from the hair shaft. With that being said while you read this post if you have any questions or would just like to leave a comment please feel free to below. 

1. Tip Numero Uno the best way to prevent split ends is to keep up with trims regularly. Depending on your hair goal and length desired time frames may vary: 

  • Trims are recommended every 4-6 weeks. 
  • How ever if your growing your hair out from short to long you can do every 10-12 weeks after the first initial trim when hair is shorter. 

2. Sealing your ends: This method consist of locking moisture into the ends of your hair. In order to do this you need to apply a butter ( shea butter, mango butter, etc.) or oil on damp ends to seal moisture and prevent the ends as well as the hair shaft from drying. 

3. Always detangle hair starting from the bottom and apply tension holding the hair and work your way up the hair shaft to detangle. Its always best to use a leave in conditioner spray that will help you to not pull the hair. I will list some of my favorites below: 

  • Mizani Miracle Milk Leave In
  • Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Leave In Treatment
  • Mane Choice Leave In Spray Clover

4. When using hot tools on the hair always use a heat protector to prevent heat damage which can also lead to split ends. Some of my favorite heat protectors include: 

  • Chi Silk Keratin Oil 
  • Kenra Heat Protectant
  • Hot tools heat protectant spray 

5. Tie your hair up at night by using a satin or silk bonnet. 

6. If drying hair with a towel use a microfiber towel as these prevent frizziness and breakage also these are more absorbent so speeds up dry time. 

7. Drink Plenty of water. Remember what we put in our body comes out through our body which includes hair, skin, and nails. 

8. Always seek a professional for chemical services, to ensure proper application and processing times are followed. 

9. Keep your hair hydrated between and during styles using mask, honey, oils, hair butter/ moisturizers. 

10. Deep conditioning treatments every 3-4 weeks. 


Hope these tips help you out on your hair journey. If you have additional tips you would like to share feel free to below because we all just want that full healthy hair!




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